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Oct 28-29, 2020


Munich, Germany







What is Food Chem Summit?

Food Chemistry is the principal science used to create novel and complex food structures, or products with value on shelves, meet consumer preferences, protect nutrients, enhance food safety, and reduce food loss by extending the shelf life. Food Chemistry Innovations 2020 will be a unique and exciting experience to discover the new developments in Biomolecules, Chemometrics, Chemical Processes, and Molecular Interactions, Structure Elucidation, Structure/Property Relationship, (Microscopic & Analytical), Healthy Ingredients, Formulation, Flavour, and Nutritional Chemistry.

Join an anticipated 300+ Attendees for 2 days of networking and exchange of knowledge to get an update on the latest trends, developments, and regulations impacting the food industry.

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Themes Topics

  • New Protein Innovations

    (New protein sources, extraction innovations, functionality, hight moisture textursation, product developmnent & consumer acceptance)

  • New Food Bioactives

    (Identification, chemical structure, functionality in food structure, & stability during processing, storage and intake).

  • Nutritional Metablomics

    (Profiling, chemometric methods, applications - gut microbiota, metabotyping, biomarkers, diet & health )

  • Innovations in Bioploymer Chemistry

    (New methds and  technologies to improve the proteins, carbohydrates, lipids & enzyme applications in food products)

  • Biochemical, Biophysical and Biological Properties of Food

  • New Food Additives

    ( Isolation, characterization, modification & functional properties & applications.)

  • Chemical Processes and Molecular Interactions

    (Protein-carbohydrate-lipid interactions, oxidation, caramalisation, crystallisation, flavour formation, storage changes etc

  • Aroma Chemistry & Oral Processing

    (Flavour molecules, properties, formation, release kinetics, oral processing & consumer perception)

  • Innovations in Food Formulation

    (Food biophysics, design, ingredients, functionaity, processing, shelf-life)

  • Food Analysis

    (Compositional, nutritional, Molecular, Macro, Micro, & Nanoscopic with HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, IR, NIR, Light scattering, Raman Spectroscopy, Rheometry, Mi

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